ANVIL - The video annotation research tool

Welcome to the ANVIL download page!

First you have to make sure that Java version 6 (usually called 1.6.0 or similar) is installed on your machine. You can download and install the "Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE)" from here: Java Download Page

Select your Anvil installer and run it:

Note that although this is a .jar file you can simply double-click it to start the installation process. For this to work you must have Java installed (see above).

Anvil Download for Mac Anvil Download for Linux
Anvil Download for Windows 32 Bit Anvil Download for Windows 64 Bit

Version 5.1.16
24 Apr 2016

Note for Windows 7 users

If you are using Windows 7 64bit, please download the specific installer above. Note that on the 64bit Windows, no short-cut is placed on your desktop. To start Anvil after installation, go into the installation directory (e.g. C:/program files/ANVIL) and double-click the anvil file.

Notes for Linux users

To install on Linux, download the above .jar file and start it with
     java -jar Anvil_5.1.12_Linux.jar
(or whatever the current version is called.) Then, follow the instructions of the installer. To start ANVIL, go to the installation directory and type:
Then, ANVIL's main window should come up.

Example files

Note that the download file contains example specification files in the /spec subdirectory. In addition, you can download test videos and example annotations.

Online documentation

Anvil 5 comes with substantial integrated documentation: Start Anvil and press the green question mark in the tool bar. More written documentation and frequently asked questions can be accessed from the Anvil webpage.

How to check your Java version

To check which version of Java is installed, you can type "java -version" into a command shell, and you should see something like "java version 1.6.0_17" (the "6" is important). To start a command shell: Under Windows, press Windows key together with "r" and type "cmd". On Mac OS, start in your Applications folder.

Test Videos

To quickly test your Anvil installation, here are two short test videos (5 MB, Cinepak codec). Download them (right mouse button), start Anvil and select "File > open" to open them:

Example Annotations

These are two demonstration annotations, each with video clip, specification file and annotation file. To view an annotation, unpack the zip file in a single directory and open the .anvil file in ANVIL.

  1. (8 MB)
    Simplified version of the gesture coding scheme I used in my PhD project. The video is encoded with H.263 and should run on Windows and Mac machines.
  2. MB)
    This is a sample annotation of a Wizard-of-Oz dialogue within the SMARTKOM project. Video kindly provided by Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals (BAS). The coding scheme was not part of the SMARTKOM project. The video is encoded with H.263 and should run on Windows and Mac machines.


ANVIL was created by Michael Kipp, professor for interactive media at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany.

The following people contributed code to the ANVIL software: Quan Nguyen, Gabriel Manolache.

This website is maintained by:

Michael Kipp
Hochschule Augsburg
An der Hochschule 1
86161 Augsburg